What is the difference between Subscription Credits and Active Subscriptions?

When you purchase a Kaleidoscope Annual Subscription, Subscription Credits are applied to your account, either by manually entering a code, or automatically. The number of available Subscription Credits is shown under MY ACCOUNT > SUBSCRIPTIONS, at the top of the page. The example below shows an account with 3 available credits.

Subscription Credits represent annual licenses that have not yet been activated. You can hold onto them for as long as you like, and they will not expire as long as they have not been activated.

Subscription Credits on your account are available for you or any of your guests to use. You or any of your guests will expend one of the available credits when you activate Kaleidoscope if you do not already have an active subscription. Before they are activated, Credits are not linked to any particular user on the Host’s Guest list.

Once a Subscription is activated by a Host or a Guest, a credit is deducted from the Host’s number of available credits, and the year-long use period for that subscription starts. In the example below, under MY ACCOUNT > SUBSCRIPTIONS, the Host has a currently active subscription on one computer, and the subscription was first activated on May 25, 2021. Whether this subscription is marked as “subscribed” or “released,” the subscription is linked to the user “host@wildlifeacoustics.com” and cannot be used by anyone else without Reassigning the Active Subscription to a Different User.

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