My Recorders Are Dying Faster Than They Used To.

If you use rechargeable batteries, this may be due to the tendency of rechargeable batteries to lose their energy capacity over their lifetimes. Alkaline batteries from a reputable manufacturer will consistently allow longer deployments than standard rechargeable batteries, even brand new ones. If you do use rechargeable batteries, please refer to the manufacturer of the batteries for the best way to extend their lifespan.

Also keep in mind that different brands or even batches of batteries may perform differently, and temperature differences have major effects on battery efficiency. If you are planning for a deployment in a very hot or cold climate, check the data sheet for your batteries to see how their capacity changes with temperature.

There can also be some variability in how much power SD cards draw, between among different brands or even among different individual cards. For the SM4 series, in which power drawn by SD cards represents a significant fraction of the total power consumption, this can be more noticeable than on other recorders. In our experience, SanDisk cards show the most consistent power usage among different cards.

If you see any white, powdery residue inside your recorders, or a brand new set of batteries or SD cards does not correct the problem, please contact Wildlife Acoustics support.

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