Regular Maintenance For SM2 Series Recorders

There are a few simple steps we recommend regularly taking to keep your SM2 recorder running smoothly.

Update your recorder's firmware.

Instructions can be found on our downloads page.

Ensure that the black hex nuts on the outside of the recorder are hand-tight.

Using a wrench for this risks damaging these parts. The nuts should be tight enough to be flush against the outside surface of the recorder and to hold the rubber gaskets on the inside of the recorder tight against the inner wall. This will ensure a water-proof seal.

Replace the AA batteries that power the SM2's clock annually.

To do so, gently insert a credit card in between the Velcro fasteners on the right side of the AA battery harness to loosen the hold. You can also use a screwdriver to gently lever the harness out of the recorder. Do not try to force the AA battery harness away from the Velcro, as this could tear away the wires connecting the battery harness to the rest of the electronics.

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