Kaleidoscope Pro Software

5.6.6 (2024-02-08)
  • Add 4096 FFT size to Viewer.
  • Add "Duration" parameter for SMART filter simulation.
  • Fix SMART simulation to force pass boundaries based on input files.
5.6.5 (2023-12-29)
  • Add support for constant frequency filters on native ZC files.
5.6.4 (2023-10-23)
  • Fix bug causing crash on Windows when using demo license while setting defaults.
5.6.3 (2023-08-24)
  • Fix parsing of SM3/SM4 GPS metadata broken in 5.6.2.
5.6.2 (2023-07-12)
  • New heterodyne playback for bats is now enabled for bat mode (requires playback speed on "Normal" and only one frequency reference line shown on the spectrogram). Adjust the heterodyne tuning frequency by moving the frequency reference line.
  • Crosshair time now toggles with the ruler in relative or absolute modes.
  • Now adjust the Zc dot size in Viewer from the "Color Settings" panel.
  • Allow disabling ZC filtering when viewing ZC files.
  • Improve reading W4V files with corrupted blocks.
  • Fix output filename missing seconds for old 8.3 ZC input files.
  • Fix the display of a recording's GPS information in the metadata panel for consistency.
5.6.1 (2023-06-08)
  • Add "Qual" ZC parameter to analysis window and SMART alarm criteria vocabulary.
  • Fix formatting of manual license activation dialog.
5.6.0 (2023-05-15)
  • Add new SMART tab to simulate the SMART system bat activity alarms.
  • Fix manual id (review table) upload to database.
  • Fix missing directory labels in batch database table.
5.5.2 (2023-03-06)

Fix problem on MacOS with the width of some user interface input fields and support for Dark Mode.

5.5.0 (2023-03-03)

Fixes a bug causing corruption of the GUANO meta data chunk when saving as WAV file from the spectrogram viewer.

Now supports MacOS versions 10.14.6 through 13 with 64-bit Apple (ARM) silicon and 64-bit x86 (Intel).

Now supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.

Adds unsupported build for Ubuntu 22 and Debian 11.

5.4.9 (2022-12-19)

Updated manual

Add new constant frequency noise filter for bat analysis mode.

Add additional sample rates supporting playback.

Add support for 16-bit PCM Extended Format WAV files.

Minor bug fixes.

5.4.8 (2022-05-11)

Add support for London UK region for Kaleidoscope Cloud

5.4.7 (2022-02-01)

Add metadata support for SM4BAT-FS 2.4.1 firmware to resolve new 0.1s trigger window resolution.

Add minimum, maximum and mean dB level measurements to what can be copied and pasted from the viewer analysis window.

Rename NYCLEI common name to "Leisler's" in 5.4.0 Europe bat classifiers.

Fix bug causing crash if effective sample rate (with time expansion) exceeds maximum supported.

Fix bug causing channel in cluster.csv to show 0 instead of 1 when scanning stereo files and processing only the right input channel.

Fix bug causing timestamp in cluster.csv when scanning with existing .kcs file to show file time instead of detection time.

Fix bug causing SPL analysis to fail for filenames not following Song Meter conventions or for files with no metadata timestamp.

Fix bug allowing selection of a negative frequency in the band-pass filter.

5.4.6 (2021-10-30)

Fix crash on MacOS when opening cloud file browser.

Fix GUANO recording parameters generated by SM3BAT/SM4BAT metadata.

Fix to allow project MetaForm to override latitude/longitude in input files.

Fix SPL analysis outputs when using "Split to max duration".

Fix Windows version user-managed PostgreSQL to support SSL.

5.4.3 (2021-02-25)

Mac version fix occasional crash in Viewer

5.4.2 (2021-02-16)

Fix enabling non-bat vocalization detection scanning with Kaleidoscope Lite for Song Meter recordings.

5.4.1 (2021-01-13)

Allow signal parameters to override auto-ID bat classifiers. Specifically, changing the minimum pulse duration from 2.0ms to 1.0ms may allow more BARBAR (Europe/UK) to be detected that would otherwise be classified as Noise or NoID.

Fix bug introduced in 5.2.1 prevening override of signal parameters for bat noise filtering.

5.4.0 (2020-12-08)

New 5.4.0 auto-id classifiers with additional training data and improved modeling. The North America version is approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for Indiana and Northern long-eared bat surveys.

Enable non-bat vocalization detection scanning with Kaleidoscope Lite for Song Meter recordings.

Added optional threshold for ACI and optional minimum frequency for ADI and AEI acoustic indices.

Updated documentation.

Fix but causing auto-id analysis of ZC input files to say "Noise" due to under count of echolocation pulses. Note the old (incorrect) behavior will be used when auto ID is enabled with pre-5.4.0 classifiers for backward compatibility.

Fix MacOS to work with Big Sur release.

Fix Windows installer to correctly register file extensions.

Fix crash related to using ADI/AEI acoustic indices.

Fix problem with GPS coordinate sign in gps.csv and gps.kml output.

Fix problem with deleting batch in user-managed PostgreSQL database causing new database uploads to fail.

Fix problem with querying specific user records with user-managed PostgreSQL database.

5.3.9 (2020-10-12)

Fix delete batch from database when using customer managed PostgreSQL database server.

5.3.8 (2020-09-07)

Windows version is now 64-bit to allow use of more memory. (Mac and Linux versions have always been 64-bit).

5.3.7 (2020-08-27)

Add new user manual

5.3.6 (2020-08-24)

Add dialog to viewer "Save as WAV" feature to warn of edits made by selection, bandpass filter, gain, playback speed, and compressed modes.

5.3.5 (2020-08-23)

Fix problem with displaying zero crossing call bodies in linear frequency view introduced in 5.3.3

5.3.4 (2020-08-18)

Time axis may now toggle (by double clicking) between the old fixed (non-scrolling) relative display in seconds to a scrollable time-of-day display in hh:mm:ss.ssssss format. This feature is disabled in compressed view.

5.3.3 (2020-08-15)

Add log scale option to frequency axis in spectrogram and analysis windows.

Rename noisebyfile.csv and noise.csv files to splbyfile.csv and spl.csv

Minor fixes to Acoustic Indices

5.3.1 (2020-07-28)

"Noise Analysis" is now called "SPL Analysis" or "Sound Level Analysis".

Fix bug relating to bulk rename feature.

Minor fixes to Acoustic Indices beta.

5.3.0 (2020-07-24)

Add batch acoustic index calculations for several different indices (beta for feedback, subject to change).

Add database support for acoustic indices and noise analysis.

Add channel filter to optionally process only selected input channels from stereo recordings.

Add id.csv results window capability to bulk rename selected files by prepending Manual IDs.

Add cluster.csv results window capability to bulk save selected detections as WAV files to a directory.

Add results window capability to select rows matching Auto ID, Top1Match, Manual ID, or select all rows.

Allow field names with spaces in them to be changed to use underscores (by editing the MetaForm XML) so .csv output can be more easily imported into other programs.

Improve viewer display for different monitor resolutions.

Improvements to cloud connection reliability.

Improvements to viewer results options when locating moved files.

Fix discrepancy in noisebyfile.csv statistics.

Fix problem updating notes metadata from viewer.

Numerous other minor fixes and improvements.

5.2.1 (2020-06-10)

Add 5.2.1 classifiers built with additional data and tuning. These are approved for U.S.F.W.S. Northern long-eared bat surveys, but they are NOT approved for Indiana bat surveys. This version also includes older 5.1.0 classifiers which are approved for both Northern long-eared and Indiana bat surveys using the balanced setting.

Fix bug related to extracting negative values of latitude and longitude coordinates for output to .csv files and database records.

5.1.9i (2020-02-27)

Improvements to licensing instructions

Fix bug in noise analysis output noisebyfile.csv file where the order of min, mean, and max columns was incorrect.

Fix bug that could cause crash in viewer when changing rows in the results table.

5.1.9h (2019-10-29)

Improve auto-renewal of subscriptions

Revisions to user manual

5.1.9g (2019-05-30)

Fixed issue with cloud access from GMT = UTC+1 during daylight savings time

5.1.9 (2019-04-14)

Classifier updates

Change "About" text for 5.1.0 North America classifier with FWS recommendations for using "Balanced" sensitivity setting.

Improved support for 6-12kHz sample rate recordings in cluster analysis

Fixed issue with notes metadata not output to meta.csv

Updated user manual

Fix bug relating to database recording queries

5.1.8 (2019-01-10)

Fix bug relating to finding files when Mac opens .csv file from Windows

5.1.7 (2019-01-09)

Make FFT calculations deterministic

Prior to 5.1.7, the FFT engine would choose from among possibly several potential algorithms based on real-time performance analysis. This can result in slightly different results (rounding errors) from one run to the next. With 5.1.7, we sacrifice a small amount of performance in favor of more deterministic results.

5.1.6 (2018-22-26)

Update built-in help/manual

Fix DC offset correction for multi-channel recordings and avoid overflows

5.1.5 (2018-11-21)

Added detection and recovery of corrupted W4V files

Added ability to remove DC offset from recordings (checkbox in signal parameters tab)

5.1.4 (2018-11-12)

Add viewer results file menu item to copy all TOP1MATCH or AUTO ID values to MANUAL ID

Fix - save as in results window will now update cluster.kcs with new filename

Fix - viewer analysis of zero crossing files now correctly matches auto id analysis

5.1.3 (2018-10-17)

Add upload folder capability to cloud file browser

Fix bug causing open results of csv files to sometimes fail to find files

Fix bug causing crash in database query when sorting by fields not returned.

Fix bug preventing cloud browser from opening .w4v files

Fix bug causing crash when moving files to NOISE folder from viewer

5.1.2 (2018-10-03)

Updates to documentation

Update species common names and regions in 5.1.0 classifiers

Fix issue related to cloud path names on Windows

5.1.1 (2018-09-27)

Fix default MetaForm to capture microphone type in database

Fix interpretation of high-pass filter setting in WAMD metadata from SM4BAT-FS

Fix clustering dot display in viewer.

Fix crash in viewer when using clustering and changing bat/non-bat mode.

5.1.0 (2018-09-18)

New 5.1.0 bat auto id classifiers for North America, Neotropics, Europe and Africa regions.

Support for command-line interfaces on Unix and Windows platforms.

Support ZC analysis with fewer than 7 dots when min dur < 2ms.

Fix bug related to alternate id columns in id.csv file.

Fix formatting of cloud file browser on some displays.

Increase demo license bat mode clustering limit from 100 to 500 files.

Fix problem where Species Manual ID metadata might be written to input files after reload

5.0.3 (2018-08-31)

Add support for Ubuntu and Debian Linux

Fix Unicode support for .csv files

Fix Unicode support for subscription license activations

Fix crash when reloading viewer after scanning recordings to extract detections without clustering

Minor Kaleidoscope Cloud and Database fixes and improvements

5.0.2 (2018-08-24)

Fix support for UK and NT only licenses

Fix cluster review database upload

Fix selection of bat species when changing classifiers

Add Species Auto ID column to meta.csv in default MetaForm

5.0.1 (2018-08-21)

Updated documentation

Fix bug causing manual ids not always getting updated in files

Fix bug with missing daily/nightly directories in idsummary.csv

Fix bug with missing output ZC file timestamps in old-style metadata

Fix bug causing crash when copying files from results window to folder

Fix bug causing crash when hiding some columns in results table

5.0.0 (2018-08-01)

Support for customizeable metadata using MetaForm XML documents. This allows end-users to add custom metadata project forms that can be
written to files in GUANO format, columns in .csv files (e.g. cluster.csv, id.csv, and meta.csv) or stored as fields in a searchable database. This release represents a major restructuring of how metadata is handled throughout Kaleidoscope. Details can be found at https://www.wildlifeacoustics.com/SCHEMA

Cloud Storage
Support for Cloud-based file storage and management in either Wildlife Acoustics Managed CloudAccounts or customer-managed Amazon Web Services S3 buckets.

Support for fully relational database of metadata using either Wildlife Acoustics Managed Cloud Accounts or customer-managed PostgreSQL
database server.

Cloud Computing
Run batch jobs in the Cloud on Cloud-based data using Wildlife Acoustics Managed Cloud Accounts.

Clustering Improvement
Improve clustering of smaller datasets by automatically restricting parallelism that previously divided data among available cores.
User interface now includes reference to cluster.csv file to be used for re-clustering (building advanced classifiers) rather than having to move the cluster.csv file to the inputs folder.

CSV File Improvements
Improved performance of handling large .csv files and support for MacOSX Excel line terminations.

Noise Analysis Improvements
Add per-file noise analysis results as well as noise.csv time-based results.

Viewer Improvements
Improved handling of finding results after file location changes.

Preserve choice of channel when navigating files.

Resolution of cursor measurements now microseconds instead of milliseconds

Shortcut keys to set or restore up to 10 different preset zoom levels

Numerous additional improvements to performance, stability, and usability