Song Meter Mini and Song Meter Mini Bat Firmware

3.5 (2022-10-10)
  • Improvements to calibration and signal level reporting
3.4 (2022-07-15)
  • Reduced recording noise on Mini recorder at low gain settings (6dB and 12dB)
  • Fixes a bug on the Mini recorder in generating the "GUANO WA|Song Meter|Audio Settings" meta-data in stereo recordings.
  • Now when loading a configuration with a 0 latitude and 0 longitude from an SD card, any existing coordinates are not overwritten.
  • Fixes a bug where loading a configuration with a different time zone from an SD card would not automatically adjust the clock.
3.2 (2022-04-1)
  • Now more accurately ends or continues recordings at midnight as defined by the schedule blocks' date range and day duty cycle settings.
  • Changes to improve the app's ability to report the Remaining Recording Period Time accurately.
  • Improves internal diagnostic check
  • Decreases recording noise when using 6 dB gain.
3.0 (2021-10-11)

• Improves SD card reliability.

2.9 (2021-06-03)

• Improve DC offset in recordings.

• Fixes the app freezing when resetting defaults on the recorder or loading a configuration from an SD card.

• Fixes a bug where schedules with large time offsets can cause the recorder to freeze, reboot, or act erratically.

• Improves SD card status and error reporting to the app.

• Improves SD card reliability.

2.5 (2021-03-02)
  • Fixes occasional freeze while resetting the recorder to defaults or when requesting diagnostics from the app.
2.1 (2020-12-09)
  • New scheduling abilities. Add a date range to any schedule block to only run that block on the specified dates. If no date range is specified, the schedule block will simply repeat every 24 hours as it does now.
  • New ultrasonic transect mode allows the Song Meter Mini Bat to be used for mobile transects. In this mode, the Song Meter Mini Bat uses the paired mobile device's GPS location to embed an accurate location into each WAV file and to log the recorder's path to a .kml file.
  • New "Load firmware or a configuration from card” option in the app’s utility menu.
  • Fixes inconsistent recorder LED behavior.
1.8 (2020-09-18)
  • Fix bug causing trigger window to be ignored when "Save Noise Files" is selected with app 1.0.18 update.
1.7 (2020-09-01)
  • Fix bug when pairing while a recording is in progress that could cause the current recording to be corrupted.
  • Fix bug causing incorrect LED behavior while paired and waiting for the next recording period.
1.6 (2020-07-24)
  • Fixes Bluetooth compatibility issues where some recorders would not appear in the app.
  • Improves SD card formatting and error checking to reduce possible card corruption issues.
  • Prevents a situation where the Mini could become unresponsive after internal clock battery discharges.
  • Adds support for Transect Mode (coming soon in an app update).
1.4 (2020-06-18)
  • MiniBat now reports scheduled recording period to the app correctly.
  • MiniBat now correctly increments the recording counter in zero-crossing only mode.
  • Improvements for battery performance.
1.3 (2020-04-14)
  • The Mini Bat now saves acoustic recordings in a separate folder named "Data2". Ultrasonic recordings still get saved in the "Data" folder.
  • The recorder now resets the recording count after formatting of the SDHC/SDXC card, as well as upon power-up.
  • The recorder now pauses for 10 seconds before starting the recording schedule upon power-up, firmware upgrade, card format, or card insertion.
  • Improves the tolerance to of out-of-spec SDHC/SDXC cards.
  • Fixes problem causing unintended extra one minute recordings when using 22.05 or 44.1 kHz sample rates.
1.2 (2020-03-05)
  • Fix bug causing schedule creep where recordings don't start on whole minutes and start time creeps from one recording to the next.
  • Fix bug causing Song Meter Mini to split certain recording periods into two recording periods.
  • For Song Meter Mini Bat with mixed bat and bird recordings, now bird recordings take priority in the schedule over bat recordings. Prior to this release, bat recordings took priority over bird recordings.
1.1 (2020-02-09)
  • Fix issue in scheduler for Song Meter Mini Bat when making adjacent "bird" and "bat" recordings.
  • Fix several issues in summary file reporting.
  • Fixes an issue loading new firmware or configuration files onto the Mini
    or Mini Bat from an SDHC/SDXC card that was written to from an Apple
    computer. If you are upgrading from firmware version 1.0 and use an
    Apple computer, there is a special procedure you must follow. Please
    contact support at for instructions.
1.0 (2020-01-24)

Initial release