Song Meter Mini and Song Meter Mini Bat Firmware

  • Fix bug causing schedule creep where recordings don't start on whole minutes and start time creeps from one recording to the next.
  • Fix bug causing Song Meter Mini to split certain recording periods into two recording periods.
  • For Song Meter Mini Bat with mixed bat and bird recordings, now bird recordings take priority in the schedule over bat recordings. Prior to this release, bat recordings took priority over bird recordings.
  • Fix issue in scheduler for Song Meter Mini Bat when making adjacent "bird" and "bat" recordings.
  • Fix several issues in summary file reporting.
  • Fixes an issue loading new firmware or configuration files onto the Mini
    or Mini Bat from an SDHC/SDXC card that was written to from an Apple
    computer. If you are upgrading from firmware version 1.0 and use an
    Apple computer, there is a special procedure you must follow. Please
    contact support at for instructions.

Initial release