How Do I Renew a Kaleidoscope Pro Subscription?

You have the option of letting your Kaleidoscope subscription licenses renew automatically once they expire after one year from activation. You can also manually add new Subscription Credits to your account at any time. If you would like your subscriptions to auto-renew, you must add a payment method in your Wildlife Acoustics account:

  1. Log into your Wildlife Acoustics web account.


  3. If you do not have a payment method already entered, click "Add a New Payment Method" and follow the instructions to enter a credit card or US bank account.

Once your account has a payment method associated with it, you can select which Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions should automatically renew.


  2. In the list of subscribers, which includes your own account and any guests whose subscriptions you manage, you’ll want to use the check box(es) on the right to select which subscriptions should automatically renew.

  3. Click UPDATE to save any changes.

  4. In the “Select Payment Method (for Auto-Renew Subscriptions)” drop down menu, select a credit card for your Auto-Renew payment. Click APPLY.

If Auto-Renew is selected, available Subscription Credits on the account are applied first upon expiration. If no subscription credits are available, Auto-Renew automatically purchases a new subscription credit on the first day of the month in which a subscription expires (GMT).

If you are running Kaleidoscope Pro version 5.1.9h or later, the subscription credit is automatically applied and renewed on the subscription expiration date. No activation is required. If you are running an earlier version of the software, you will also need to follow the steps to activate the new subscription. Please see Activate a Subscription License for further details.

Auto-Renew will only occur if you have the Auto-Renew checkbox enabled and you have a valid payment method selected for Auto-Renew before the first day of the month your subscription is set to expire. If you enable Auto-Renew after that day, your card will not be charged and your subscription will not be auto-renewed. You instead will need to renew that subscription manually, and then Auto-Renew will apply when your subscription expires a year later assuming the criteria are still satisfied.

If you do not want your subscriptions to Auto-Renew, you can purchase new Subscription Credits from the Wildlife Acoustics web store. You will also need to redeem the Subscription Credit just like you would a new subscription. See Redeem Kaleidoscope Pro Subscription Credits for more details.

If you have special university pricing for your Kaleidoscope Pro subscription, please contact sales before renewing the subscription. Otherwise, your subscription may renew at the standard price.

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