I’m Experiencing Issues With Echo Meter Touch On iOS

Before digging into the specifics of your issue, it's best to perform a baseline set of updates and checks to rule out any routine issues:

  • Ensure that the iOS device you are using is on our list of compatible devices. Many issues can be caused by a lack of computational resources in older devices.
  • Update iOS to the latest stable version. See Apple's instructions for updating iOS.
  • Update the Echo Meter app to the latest available version in the Updates tab of the App Store.
  • Close all apps and reset your device before opening Echo Meter again:
    • Close all apps running on your device by double-pressing the home button, then swiping each window upwards.
    • Shut off your device by holding the sleep/wake button and following the "slide to power off" prompt.
    • Turn your device on by holding the home button and the sleep/wake button until an Apple icon appears on the screen.
    • Open Echo meter without opening any other apps.
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