Make A Subscription License Available To A Guest

This page provides instructions for the Administrator to grant use of a Kaleidoscope Pro subscription license to a Guest. Note that the Administrator must have unused credits available in order for a Guest to activate a subscription. Multiple users cannot share a single subscription credit.

  1. Log into your account on the Wildlife Acoustics website and navigate to SUBSCRIPTIONS
  2. Verify that you have one or more subscription license credits available as indicated at the top of the SUBSCRIPTIONS page.
  3. Enter the Guest user's email address into the text box under “Add a guest to share your subscription credits.”
    • If the Guest already has a Wildlife Acoustics account, enter the email address associated with that account.
    • If the Guest does not have a Wildlife Acoustics account, the Guest must create a Wildlife Acoustics web account, using the email address you entered.
  4. Click ADD GUEST.
  5. The Guest's email address will appear in the Subscriber list.

Guests with an Unsubscribed status have not yet used the subscription license to activate Kaleidoscope Pro.

Guests with an Unregistered status do not yet have a Wildlife Acoustics web account.

If the Administrator has available credits listed on their account and the Guest has created a Wildlife Acoustics web account, the Guest can download and activate Kaleidoscope using the instructions under “Activate A Subscription License” with their own email and password.If the Administrator does not have any available credits, but you would like to transfer a currently in-use subscription from an existing user to the new Guest, refer to the section “Move An Activated Subscription License From One User To Another.

NOTE: Guests will automatically have access to any credits on the Administrator’s account. Do not transfer ownership of any credits to a Guest, as they will become unusable. All credits should stay on the Administrator’s account.

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