Move An Activated Subscription License From One User To Another

A subscription license can be transferred from one user to another. The transfer can be between an Administrator and Guest, or from one Guest to another. Multiple users cannot share a single subscription credit. Make sure you follow all of these steps in order to complete the transfer.

  1. Log into your Wildlife Acoustics account and navigate to SUBSCRIPTIONS.
  2. Click RELEASE next to the email address of the user whose subscription license you want to give to someone else. A “Released” subscription means that it has been removed from any computers it was used on. It is still linked to the original user, but it is now ready to be transferred.
  3. If the new user is not the Administrator or an existing Guest, add their email address to the “Add a guest to share your subscription credits” field and click ADD GUEST.
  4. Under "Transfer from released subscription email address," enter the original user's email address.
  5. Under "Transfer to an unsubscribed or expired email address," enter the email address of the person who will now be using Kaleidoscope Pro.
  6. Click TRANSFER.

The new user will now be able to activate the subscription license via the Kaleidoscope Pro License menu.

Please see "Activate A Subscription License" for further details.

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