How Do I Redeem (Apply) Kaleidoscope Pro Subscription Credits To My Account?

Each Subscription Credit represents one year's worth of Kaleidoscope Pro use for a single user. A single user is entitled to activate Kaleidoscope Pro on two separate computers at the same time.

Note, the yearly subscription does not start until the license is activated from within the Kaleidoscope Pro program and is independent of when the software is purchased or added to an account.

If you haven't done so already, create a Wildlife Acoustics account. Any subscriptions that you use yourself or grant to other users will be managed from this account.

  • Log into your account and navigate to SUBSCRIPTIONS.

  • If you purchased Kaleidoscope Pro online while logged into your account, you'll see that your account already has 1 or more available credits based on your purchase. Those subscription license credits are ready to be activated from within Kaleidoscope Pro.

  • If, instead, you received a sales invoice for Kaleidoscope Pro containing an 8-character subscription code, enter that code in the “Apply Credits to Account” field and click APPLY. You will now see that you have one or more available credits in your account.

Please see How Do I Activate A Subscription License? for further details on how to activate your copy of Kaleidoscope using your available credits.

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