What Does a Renewal License Get Me?

What does a renewal license get me?

When you purchase a Kaleidoscope Pro permanent license, you get access to one full year of Kaleidoscope Pro updates. By default, you can use the full set of features covered by your license in any version of Kaleidoscope released during your license period indefinitely. For example, if you purchased Kaleidoscope Pro on April 3rd, 2014, you may continue to use any version released on or prior to April 3rd, 2015 for as long as you like.

A renewal license allows access to an additional year of Kaleidoscope updates, starting from the date you purchase the renewal license.

How does renewal license pricing work?

The current rate for a renewal license is 20% of the full, permanent license price per year. When you purchase a renewal license, the cost is prorated to cover one year from the date of purchase in addition to any time elapsed since your previous full license or renewal license expired.

For example, if your original license expired on April 3rd, 2016, and you purchase a renewal license on April 3rd, 2017, the total cost currently will be 40% of your original license cost. This covers updates from April 3rd, 2016 to April 3rd, 2018.

How do I purchase a renewal license?

After your original license has expired, download the latest version of Kaleidoscope Pro and attempt to activate it with your License ID. The program will provide a link to our website that will show your pro-rated renewal price and allow you to purchase a renewal license online.

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