What is manual activation, and what is an installation ID?

Most users will be able to activate Kaleidoscope automatically by either entering their email address and password in Kaleidoscope under “License > Activate annual subscription” (in the case of annual subscriptions) or by entering their Permanent License ID and email address under “License > Install permanent or demo license”. Kaleidoscope will automatically communicate with our license server and activate your copy of the software.

However, if you attempt to activate a computer that is either disconnected from the internet or on a restricted network, Kaleidoscope will prompt you to visit the Manual Activation page on our website. On this page, you will need to enter your License ID (for permanent licenses only), your email address, and an Installation ID that uniquely identifies the computer you are trying to activate. If you are activating an annual subscription, leave the "License ID" text box blank.

For permanent licenses, you can find your Installation ID under “License > Install permanent or demo license.”

For annual subscriptions, you can find it under “License > Activate annual subscription."

Note that for annual subscriptions only, the Installation ID includes the name of your computer, and will be formatted like “LAPTOP123:XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX”.

If you are activating a permanent or demo license, the Installation ID only consists of 16 characters, excluding the name of your computer.

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